. CARE .

.:: Helping vulnerable parties through community service ::.


   Green Hands a humanitarian mission, Rashid Pediatric Therapy Centre

   Autism Awareness walk-Abu Dhabi, Future Centre for Special needs

   St. Dionysius Orthodox Church "Harvest Festival"

   Church Construction work for St. Dionysius Orthodox Church

   Charity walk for children with cancer at Al Ain Rotana

   Special Care Centre, Standard Chartered Bank

   "Kairali Patturumaal" a popular stage show by Kairlai TV

   Terry Fox Run National Bank of Fujairah

   Tamil Nite Indian Social Center

   St. Dionysius Church Harvest Festival


   Special Care Centre, Word United for Charity at Gala dinner organization committee

   Gujarati Samaj, Abu Dhabi Dandia

   Indira Gandhi Veekshanam forum Onam and Eid celebration

   Al Ain Malyali samaj Onam and Eid celebration

   Sindhi Samaj Musical evening

   Blood donation drive in corporate with Tawam Hospital

   St George Jacobite Syrian orthodox Simhasana Church - Al Ain

   Mar Thoma Church - Al Ain Harvest Festival 2010

   Maharashtra Mandal Santa Vangma Sohala

   Indian Social Center Inter UAE drama

   St. Mary's Catholic Church - Al Ain Food Festival - Book Publication

   St. George Church - Al Ain Christmas


   St George Church, Al Ain

   Church sponsorships

   Muslim Society

   Maharashtra Mandal

   Cancer Centre for Children

   Silver Jubilee Celebration Malayali Samaj

   Fun & Fair Celebration Malayali Samaj Abu Dhabi

   Iftar Party Sponsership - KMCC

   Emirates Human Right Awards

   Omar Salim Omar Award

   Iftar Party Sponsership - Indian Social Centre

   Indian Embassy

   UAE Exchange Carnival Sports City Dubai


   Medical camp in association with ISC *approx figure (by Benny)

   Bharatbhai Shah - donation for free eye surgeries organised by Vision foundation of India

   Al Qds Universtity - Abu Dhabi (Charity show for raising funds for the tution fees of the universtiy students

   Zayed organisation for Humanitarina care, Al Ain (Golden sponsorship for the program organised by the orphanage to give out certificates to the children)

   Medical camp in association with Indira Gandhi Veekshnam Forum (by Benny)

   Bharatkumar Shah - India flood relief fund

   Al Ain Junior school (contribution for hope centre)

   Sindhu Sewa Trust (Poor singhi families)

   Rotana Al Ain (Ramadan Al Zaeem village) (sponsored one evening iftar for ramadan)

   Blood donation camp in Al Ain and in Abu Dhabi

On an annual basis, Al Fara'a Foundation invests in the largest blood donation drive in the region. These annual blood donation drives are organised and facilitated by seconded staff of the Alfara'a Group. The most recent blood donation camp was arranged on 5 July 2008, where 800 pints of blood were donated. All logistics, facilities, food and beverages for blood donors and scores of volunteers were provided.

   Medical camp in association with the Indira Ghandi Veekshanam Forum

On 6 June 2008, an annual medical camp to the value of AED75,000/- was arranged for 987 people from various susceptible communities in Dubai. With each medical camp, no expense is spared to ensure that world class facilities are provided, whether it be the supply of transport for medical delegates from a broad base of medical disciplines; or the building of sturdy infrastructure. The attendees come from near and far to obtain a medical examination and medical treatment when necessary. This intervention serves to prevent the spread of communicable disease through various vulnerable communities. Over 100 employees were seconded to this project and Al Fara'a Foundation granted them special leave to recover from the gruelling weeks of preparation.

   The Zayed Higher Organisation for Humanitarian Care, Special Needs and Minor Affairs

A recent addition to the stable of Al Fara'a Foundation's community projects is the philanthropy of the Zayed Higher Organisation for Humanitarian Care, Special Needs and Minor Affairs ("Zayed Organisation"). The Zayed Organisation was founded on the tenets of Islam and caters for the needs of various vulnerable minors in the community. With an orphanage in Abu Dhabi and a support centre for the children of single parents in Al Ain, Zayed supports approximately 100 minors. On 23 June 2008, the Annual Ceremony to honour the minors was supported by Al Fara'a Foundation to the value of AED100,000/-. Additionally, three Arabic books per child were donated. The pack of three books per child consisted of the Quran, an encyclopedia as well as a book of 1,000 short stories.

   Annual medical camp in Al Ain

For the last four years, Al Fara'a Foundation has facilitated and sponsored medical camps in the Abu Dhabi Emirate for the benefit of various vulnerable communities. The most recent medical camp organised for the benefit of the entire community occurred on 15 February 2008. Twenty five doctors, the Al Jimmi Hospital, the Indian Social Centre and Al Fara'a Foundation joined forces and provided 1,000 community members with free world class medical testing and treatment. As with each medical camp, Al Fara'a Foundation invests in the initiative to such an extent that the event is fully funded, whether it be a packet of tablets or an examination table.


   Dr Ram Buxani (Subscription of Bharat Rayna)

   Jeev Sewa (sponsorship for a poor child)

   ISC - Charity bazar

   Blood Donation camp *approx figure (by Benny)

   Manovikas (takes care of children) Onam celebration

   Sindhu Sewa Trust (Poor singhi families)

   Sindhi youth circle (charity show)

   Art of Living

   HIV/Aids Education and Campaign

On 13 December 2007, Al Fara'a Foundation arranged an HIV/Aids Education and awareness campaign aimed at 150 families in Al Jumeirah Village South. This event was arranged in conjunction with the United Nations Children's Fund, the Dubai Police and the Permanent Committee for Labour Affairs.

   Assistance of Amnesty Seekers

In August 2007, an amount of AED375,000/- was donated to assist the United Arab Emirates in their campaign to repatriate approximately 1,900 displaced labourers back to their home countries. Many of these labourers were without work and unable to exit the country due to financial constraints. As a result, these migrant workers found themselves in a situation of abject poverty. This sizeable donation covered basic necessities such as food and shelter, transport, temporary housing as well as the costs of the journey home for these desparate people. True to Al Fara'a Foundation's style of personal care, over 60 employees of Al Fara'a were deputised to cater for every need of the beneficiaries - right down to helping them complete volumes of paperwork and translating documents required by embassies.


   Special Care Centre Abu Dhabi

The Special Care Centre in Abu Dhabi supplies a range of facilities and therapeutic treatment programmes to 170 children with various disabilities. In June of 2006, Al Fara'a Foundation, having successfully bid AED25,000/- in a charity auction for the autographed bat of the winning team of the East-Asia Cricket Cup, thereafter spontaneously doubled the amount, resulting in a donation of a total of AED50,000/- to the Special Care Centre.


   Hope Centre for Children with Special Needs, Al Ain

The Hope Centre in Al Ain caters for 30 children with special needs. Since 2002, Al Fara'a Foundation has donated AED30,000/- to this organisation.

.:: Developing communities and networks to facilitate optimal growth ::.


   EDUCATION - Scholastic Awards 2011

   EDUCATION - Talent Search Contest (IDEA)

   EDUCATION - ISC Scholastic Awards 2011, Indian Social Centre


   EDUCATION - Higher Colleges of Technology, Abu Dhabi Industry Awards

   EDUCATION - Science Indian forum UAE, Voluntary Organization


   EDUCATION - Al Fara'a Best Student & Faculty Advisor Year 2009

   EDUCATION - Laptop for UAE Trainee Students

   NETWORKS - Indian Business Prof Meet @ Hotel Millennum

   EDUCATION - Rajiv Gandhi Award by Indira Gandhi Veekshanam Forum

   NETWORKS - Narendra Sadhwani - Hasya Kala Drama Group Event dated: 13 March 2009 at Plays in Hindi, encourage and promote talented artists, present plays on a regular basis

   NETWORKS - Mogaveers UAE (first anniversary. Mogaveer UAE supports the Mogaveer Vyavathpaka Mandli in Mumbai which works in the area of education, scoial empowerment, health and community welfare

   NETWORKS - Nach nach (Sindhi songs)

   The UAE university training convocation

On a regular basis, local engineering students from the United Arab Emirates University are hosted by Alfara'a for a period of intense training for three to six months, whereafter they return to university. The ethos behind the initiative is the principle of giving back to the community and empowering community members through skills transfer and mentorship.

   Enhancing Indo-UAE cultural relations

Recent surveys suggest that up to 74% of the entire population of the UAE is made up of various communities of Indian heritage. Al Fara'a Foundation is passionate about strengthening ties between these two groups, promoting shared objectives and jointly enhancing the community. To this end, Al Fara'a Foundation has donated AED500,000/- to the Indian Embassy to facilitate improved Emirati-Indo relations and attain the active participation of the Abu Dhabi community.


   NETWORKS - Minister of Labour

   EDUCATION - Our own English school, Al Ain - Sponsorship for senior annual prize day - 2007-08

   EDUCATION - 7th Annual buisness group forum (on March 2008) Al Fara'a was one of the staff participants

   EDUCATION - Shakuntala Devi Education foundation public trust (mathematician - centre to promote maths building fund

   EDUCATION - March to June 2008 Abu Dhabi Men's college (ADMC) (Events from Feb to June - Health and wellness, International forumm sports day, career day)

   NETWORKS - Hojamalo sindhi event by Sindhi Sangat

   NETWORKS - Abu Dhabi Malyalee Samajam (A Program of drama - Pravasi in ISC Al Ain)

   EDUCATION - HCT and Al Fara'a agreement

   NETWORKS - IBPG event for felicitation of Yusuf Ali (properties)

   EDUCATION - IDEA 2008 UAE open talent search (search of budding talent in arts and literary, quiz)

   NETWORKS - IBPG get together

   EDUCATION - Abu Dhabi industry awards for academic excellence (an initiative to aaward the outstanding HCT graduates)

   NETWORKS - St George Orthodox cathedral, Abu Dhabi (Properties) Cultural evening

   EDUCATION - Global English school (Parents day celebration and prize)

   NETWORKS - Embassy of India - Cultural fund (by Al Fara'a Properties)

   NETWORKS - Film Festival - Abu Dhabi

   NETWORKS - IBPG - participation in forum sponsorship

   NETWORKS - Vatakara NRI Forum UAE (cultural festival)

   NETWORKS - The Bahrain Kereleeya Samajam (building fund)

   NETWORKS - Asha Chand (sponsorship for telefilm)

   The Festival of Award Winning Indo-UAE Films

From 7-11 April 2008, an amount of AED20,000/- was donated to the Festival of Award Winning Indo-UAE Films, under the auspices of the Embassy of India and the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage. The purpose of this event was to strengthen cultural relations between the Emirati of the UAE and those with Indian backgrounds. It is estimated that approximately 4,500 people attended this festival, which was the first ever film based multicultural and multi-linguistic endeavour in the UAE.

   Donation of AED1,000,000/- to the UAE Department of Labour

Improving labour relations is recognised by Al Fara'a Foundation as an important aspect of economic growth, since strong relations lead to improved productivity. On 21 and 22 January 2008, under the patronage of Dr Ali Al Ka'abi, the former Minister of Labour, the 2008 Colombo Convention of Labour Ministers from the Far and Middle East was held in Abu Dhabi. The Colombo Convention is named as such after the Colombo Human Rights Accord. The purpose of this type of convention is to discuss and approve policy with regard to effective labour conditions and regulations. Al Fara'a Foundation has donated AED1,000,000/- to the Ministry of Labour of UAE, primarily in support of this initiative.


   Al Ain Buraimi Kannada Sangha (Varshikotsava celebration)

   EDUCATION - Muslim Education Society, Al Ain (annual scholastic award 2007

   EDUCATION - Our own English school, Al Ain (academic award for toppers in board examinations)

   The Indian Festival 2007

On 22 February 2007, Al Fara'a Foundation gave of his personal time to open the event, address the delegates and engage with the attendees. Thousands of people attended this festival, which was hosted by Al Fara'a Foundation and the ISC. Proceeds were donated to charity.


   The Art of Living Programme (stress relief and holistic health seminars)

Al Fara'a Foundation established the Art of Living Centre at a cost of Dhs 500,000/- in 2003. The Art of Living Centre delivers a six day life skills seminar aimed at personal development as well as stress relief to delegates. The programme imparts knowledge in respect of techniques to harness emotional, mental and physical health. Al Fara'a Foundation is passionate about helping employees improve their quality of life through stress relief and it is for this reason that staff are paid overtime to facilitate their attendance. Since inception, the Art of Living Programme has trained several thousand Al Fara'a staff members and other delegates at a cost of around AED200,000/- for overtime paid to encourage attendance.

.:: Contributing to the sustainable economic advancement of our communities ::.

The Al Fara'a Foundation is underpinned by the growth and economic performance of the Al Fara'a Group.

   ProBiz, Indian Business Professional Council (IBPC)

   Annual Dinner of ILA, Indian Ladies Association

   9th Anniversary and award for Karnataka Sangha


   Karnataka shangha - Sharjah Mayura award on the occasion of the 8th Anniversary

Al Fara'a Integrated Construction Group which was founded in 1980 in the United Arab Emirates spans property development, construction and related services as well as manufacturing and fabrication industries across the GCC and Asia.

Al Fara'a Properties, which has launched five projects ranging from commercial to residential and holds a AED10'billion/- property portfolio. In 2009, Al Fara'a Properties completed the handover of its pilot project, Le Grand Chateau in Jumeirah Village, Dubai, six months ahead of schedule. The project was also awarded best development by CNBC Arabia.

Al Fara'a General Contracting, licensed as a Special Grade Company by the UAE Government has achieved a track record spanning multiple typed of projects of different magnitudes. The construction and related services segment of the Al Fara'a Group includes an investment arm, mechanical, electrical and plumbing supply and services (Al Sabbah Electro-Mechanical), exterior and interior finishing as and even precast and steel structures.

In terms of manufacturing and fabrication, Belgium Aluminium and Glass employs cutting edge technology in its factories, that combined are arguable the largest of their kind in the UAE. Unibeton Ready Mix, backed by world class leading technology manufactures and optimises ready mix concrete to suit any requirement and is the leading concrete manufacturer in the Gulf.

Al Fara'a Group has an international footprint and employs some 18,000 people from various corners of the globe. Al Fara'a Group, which has an annual turnover of AED2'billion/- in 2010 boasts a 50% repeat customer ratio and has enjoyed nearly 70% growth over the last three years. The Group prides itself on its remarkable results in the realm of rewarding career growth and the personal development of his employees with a wide scope of training, recreational and developmental activities spanning multiple disciplines. The Group has also prioritised Corporate Social Investment with the formation of its Al Fara'a Foundation that focuses on delivering sustainable long term solutions to meet the needs of its stakeholders.

Group Vision

To be the clients' first choice in turnkey solutions for specialised and integrated construction requirements across the GCC and Asia

Group Mission

Al Fara'a is dedicated to the delivery of world-class turnkey solutions to our stakeholders in partnership with our clients, consultants and the government. We achieve this through adhering to the highest standards of quality, safety and environmentally centric practices while completing our projects on time and within budget. Our success stems from our policies to continuously invest in technological capabilities and innovation to ensure market adaptability. We are dedicated to empowering our employees to warrant their professional growth with rewarding careers. We are devoted to their safety, health and job security.

Group Values


Ethics and integrity in all that we do

We act with uncompromising integrity, both as individuals and as an organization. Honesty and fairness are at the heart of the company

Exceeding expectations

Exceeding expectations is our primary purpose

We engage our clients and are determined to understand their needs. We engineer value through transforming creative thinking into reality. We work fast to deliver successfully and take great pride as in the number of repeat clients as a measure of our achievements


We are what we repeatedly do, excellence is not an act but a habit

We are trusted to set and achieve high standards through advanced technological capabilities by continuously updating processes, attracting the best talent and modernising thinking


We take ownership of the projects with which we have been entrusted

We thrive on challenge and accomplishment. We are trusted to take full accountability of our projects and maximise the allocation of resources to bolster the value added to our clients with a focus on EPC methodology

Empowering employees

Our employees are our greatest asset

We foster an environment that cultivates teamwork and achievement. We work towards key goals through open communication, mutual support and continuous training and development. Respecting differences and building upon our strengths we value individual potential and reward achievement

Emphasis on quality

We are passionate about delivering quality results

Doing it right the first time is the result of comprehensive planning, highly tuned systems and skillful execution. Our approach to quality management emphasises personal health, safety and environmental care. Our culture of continuous and never ending quality improvement transcends functional boundaries and is driven by excellence in all that we do

Ensuring safety

Providing a safe and hazard free work place is an absolute priority

Zero accidents are our unwavering goal. Not only do people's lives depend on it, but health safety and wellness of our people and community is integral to the sustainability and quality outputs of our business. We continuously review, measure and adjust our health and safety management system to improve effectiveness and align to the needs of our businesses

Environmental leadership

We are committed to the sustainability of our environment

Our commitment to the needs of the environment underpins everything we do. We actively seek to improve our positive contribution to the environment while minimising the impact of our operations on the environment. We promote environmental awareness through the value chain by sharing our successes and providing company resources to address local needs

Enduring social investment

We are sensitive to the local needs of our stakeholders and the communities where we live and work

We believe that social responsibility is a business imperative and aim to invest our resources in sustainable initiatives that enhance the social and economic welfare of our stakeholders. Through an inclusive and strategic approach, we harvest the best returns possible on our corporate social investment spend


.:: Enabling communities to flourish through a lasting environmental focus ::.

   Green Building Council Membership

   Green Abu Dhabi – ‘Samak’ sculpture Promote environment

.:: Enabling communities to flourish through a lasting environmental focus ::.

   Emirates Green Building Council

Al Fara'a Foundation believes that a healthy respect for the environment is non negotiable and as a consequence, Al Fara'a follows a very strict regime of environmentally focused policies, strategies and concepts. Upon invitation, Al Fara'a recently joined the Emirates Green Building Council. This council was formed in 2006 with the goal of advancing green building principles for protecting the environment and ensuring the sustainability of the UAE. In support of this initiative, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum issued the Green Building Resolution in November 2007. Al Fara'a genuinely supports these efforts and is not only the first corporate member as well as the first organisation representative of the construction sector on the Council, but an industry leader in this field.

   Green Sustainable Concrete

Green Sustainable Concrete is the one of the latest innovations of the Al Fara'a Group. This concrete has been manufactured using materials that result in reduced emissions of the noxious gas, carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Over the last year, the emission of carbon dioxide by Alfara'a has been reduced by one million tons as a result of this exciting innovation. During the next year, a saving of a further two million tons of carbon dioxide is expected.

.:: Inspiring community members to progressively reach for new heights ::.


   Special Care Centre, Word United for Charity at Gala dinner organization committee


   Blue Star Family Sport Festival

   Arabian Twenty Stage Programe


   Al Ain Cricket Asociation- 14th Nehru cup challenge


   Blue star (family sports festival)

   UAE Kerela Muslim Cultural Centre, Al Ain (KMCC) (football tournament 2008

   Indian Social Centre (IAC- Al fara'a Cup 2008) Volleyball

   Al Ain youth seven-a-side rugby competition - Sponsorship Rugby Rugby Al Ain

   Abu Dhbai Shakhthi Theatres organised the first annual football tournament to commemorate late Shri A K Gopalan - Football tournament

   Minister of Interior Police sports association dept (football match)

   Al Ain cricket association (2nd Al Fara'a Twenty-20 floodlight invitation cricket tournament)

   Al Ain Rugby Club (by Properties) International rugby - Arabian gulf Vs Hong Kong

   UAE's 1st Badminton ranking tournament

   Al Ain International Rugby Tournament

Al Fara'a Foundation, by means of his company was the main sponsor of AED50,000/- for the Al Ain Rugby Club's Inaugural International Youth Rugby Competition, which was held on 2 and 3 November 2007. This the first ever event of this nature in the Gulf attracted over 650 youth players from Oman, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Kingdom. In 2008, the sponsorship in April and September 2008 benefitted some 1,800 players ranging from the age of seven to 18 years of age.

   KMCC Inter UAE Football Tournament

The Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre (KMCC), is a non-profit organisation with its main focus on the plight of working citizens abroad. Perhaps their most well known achievement is the 4,000 strong life cover policy taken up by some 4,000 KMCC members. In January 2008, Al Fara'a Foundation sponsored the relaunch of the Inter UAE Football Tournament held at the Al Ain University. This, the first of many events was well attended by around 250 players from various communities.


   Rugby Sponsorship

   Blue star (family sports festival)

   Al Ain cricket association ( ACA under 17 yeam for 6th gulf cup 2007

   Indian Social Centre (IAC- Al fara'a Cup Ramadan volleyball Tournament 2007)

   Al Ain cricket association (2nd Al Fara'a Twenty-20 floodlight invitation cricket tournament)

   Al Ain cricket association (12th Nehru challenge cup cricket tournament)

   ISC - Al fara'a Ramadan Volleyball tournament

   Development of cricket pitch at Indian School Al Ain

   The Blue Star Annual UAE Inter Family Sports

On 30 November 2007, Al Fara'a Foundation was the main sponsor of the Blue Star Club Inter UAE Family Sports Festival, which was held at the Al Ain University in the amount of AED28,000/-. Several hundred families participated in this sports event.


   The All UAE Ramadan Volleyball Tournament

Over the last four years, Al Fara'a Foundation has sponsored the construction of a temporary stadium and facilities for the Indian Social Centre's annual All UAE Ramadan Volleyball Tournament, which was founded in 2005. This sporting event is aimed at promoting brotherhood and belonging during Ramadan. Four years on, this event is now an international sporting highlight for around six additional countries. To date the investment by Al Fara'a Foundation in this event is well over AED100,000/-. Al Fara'a Foundation is particularly pleased with the impact and growth this particular event has enjoyed.