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The Al Fara’a Group Organizes Blood Donation Drive

In conjunction with Abu Dhabi Blood Bank, Al Fara’a Group organized a blood donation drive at its Corporate Office in Abu Dhabi. A total of 41 employees donated blood. A team of organizers from Al Fara’a ensured that the event ran smoothly. A total of 41 employees donated blood leading to a collection of 41 pints of blood. Four numbers of donation beds were set-up and separate arrangements were made for men and women. Dr JR Gangaramani, President and Executive Chairman, Al Fara’a said, “The fact that the blood donation drive receives such an overwhelming response from our employees every year is an endorsement of the culture of social commitment that runs deep in the organization”. Dr Gangaramani thanked the Abu Dhabi Blood Bank for their support in organizing this event. Dr. Marina from Abu Dhabi Blood Bank applauded Al Fara’a for its proactive and humane gesture in organizing the blood donation drive and added that Al Fara’a has over the years been steadfast in its commitment to such noble initiatives. Last year Al Fara’a had created a record by donating 251 pints of blood in a record eight hours.