. about us .

Our Vision

To be recognised as the most effective and sustainable corporate social investment provider the UAE

Our Mission

Al Fara'a Foundation is dedicated to the delivery of world-class corporate social investment solutions to our stakeholders We achieve this through adhering to the highest standards of good corporate governance to ensure sustainability of our initiatives Our success stems from our policies of inclusivity and collaboration to ensure diverse needs of our stakeholders are met We are dedicated to maximizing the effectiveness of our corporate social investment initiatives through the application of real-time measures

Our Values

Understanding - we seek first to comprehend the needs of our stakeholders, so that we can serve better
Transparency - our approach is one of sincere openness, so that we can work well together
Sustainability - the objective of all our initiatives, so that benefits can be reaped for as long as possible
Partnership - we aim to develop multiple partnerships, so that we can maximise our impact
Development - skills transfer and experience gained , so that we can continuously be better